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  • Volume 7.

    Mode Déconnecté

      Volume 7. [Offline Mode] For a very tired girl who lost things that matter. Messy bed Dirty linen Wide open window Chilly air pours in Cookie crumbs everywhere Sweaty clothes piled on the couch Rotten leaves in planters Put everything behind you Find your shooting star Within your crumpled paper heart Layered by fear of the unseen reality Dance like ripples on a pond Watch your worries fade away Like winter collapsing into spring So will your repressed feelings, by the time dandelions wither The world/Earth is full of imperfections and uncertainties anyway Just get away and find peace/tranquility/harmony in your own garden A place cut off/disconnected from others
  • Volume 7.

    La météo des câlins

      Volume 7. [Cuddle Weather] As the bluer sky and chilly winds that’d shake romantic feelings awake, turn to frosty breaths surrounded by dry crisp air. Oversized sweater still holding onto your warmth. My footsteps hasten on my way to you. A moment to take a breath of crisp air. Blow my chilly breaths to warm up your freezing hands. As the fire crackles and dances in the night. My heart warms and ;ngles watching the oven. As the heavenly aroma of buPer slowly permeates the room. So do the traces of our presence. To my life that always felt a little dry like a scone. You are the sweet strawberry jam. A hazy glimpse of your smile behind a steamy cup of coffee. A couple blows before taking a sip. When tongue burning coffee feels just right. It’s the perfect weather to stay cuddled. Reading you reading a book. Endless snuggle ;me under a soZ blanket. Cuddle up tight. And just let the cold weather be.
  • Volume 6.

    Le paradis des fous

      Volume 6. [Fool's Paradise] Fierce as the crashing waves. Laughter fading away in thick fog. Smile the color of Apricot. Mellow Pink paisley dreams. Leaves dancing in lush green paradise. Clouds swimming in Fool's Paradise. Anxiousness turns to a restless night. As the moon hesitates to show its light. Crawl out of bed. Walking barefoot on damp soft ground after rainfall. Listen close, to hear the rhythm of seeds and pollen riding the wind. Drawn into Wonderland every day. Keep your secrets away from poets.
  • Volume 5.

    La saison des mémoires

      Volume 5. [Scent of Colder Weather] Morning Walks with Messy Hair. Touch of Soft Sweaters. Kiss on the Cold Flushed Cheek. Sound of Falling Leaves out the Window. Sip of Hot Chocolate. Smell of Vintage Books. Scent is the Strongest Tie to Memory. and It is the Season of Memory. Candle is Burning like My Heart. and It Smells like a Quiet Unease in the Breeze. Light the Candle and Let It Burn. Take Pleasure from The Moment of the Chilly Air Getting Warm.
  • Volume 4.

    Magie de l'été

      Volume 4. [Summer Magic] On those hot sunny days, we looked for vibrant green sea of grass to lie down on Feeling the warm breeze drifting through humid air Pleasantly irritating sounds of bugs filling the air At nightfall, we watched pink skies turn to starry nights In the distance, we heard ocean waves dancing to the shore As we sat through the boiling hot weather, I wondered why everything felt so fresh. We stayed up all night, to fill it with joy and laughter and happiness wasn’t a big deal for us, as it was right there You looked like Daisy, smelt like Lavender, adventurous like Wildflower. How can my memories be more alive than I am? This Story is not just about me, We all have memories of our golden days Sometimes when we close our eyes, they appear so vivid As if they’re from last night’s dream
  • Volume 3.

    Le Silence

      Volume 3. [Midnight In Paris] Like the stars floating aimlessly in the soundless night sky, Complicated, entangled thoughts in my I head Keep me up all night Close your eyes, listen to the gentle sound of your breath, the small noises from your subtle movements Soon enough, you’ll find serenity Take a moment in a quiet, dark space to empty your mind And focus on your existence in the now, the present. To discover that ultimately, you find comfort and freedom in simplicity Let the clouds pass when the right time comes and make your way back to bed, Life goes on regardless, and tomorrow you will be okay
  • Volume 2.

    Un après-midi paisible

      Volume 2. [A Lazy Afternoon] Let's take a break laying down on warm sand with lazy vibes. And make stories we can never tell anyone. You are like the sun we watched together. Shine enough to brighten our space. Warm enough to make you lazy. Pretty enough to keep my attention. You have a soul shines like the sun, Darling.
  • Volume 1.

    Une matinée tranquille

      Volume 1. [A Quiet Morning] To have a quiet morning, Better to start thinking easy, not overthink or over plan. Try to embrace the moments you love and emphasize the importance of thoughtful living. Ideas of these simple & comfortable items are inspired by the simplicity of ordinary life. Make your space naturally enjoyable.